Introspection of neglect, part 1

The interactive exhibition deals with the phenomenon of abandoned (neglected) industrial landscapes of Rijeka, Croatia. Abandoned heritage, especially in Rijeka, is the subject of many views and discussions about its unused possibilities. These spaces inevitably form a large part of the city’s identity, so traces of the past and problems of the present are recorded in them. Usually this ‘presence of neglect’ is described by historical facts or photographs, or future projects – but it rarely gets a more subjective approach. The exhibitions aim is to emphasizes the experience of the current state of these objects, and as such tries to preserve them in diverse forms of art. The purpose is actually to experiment with the ways in which space is observed and understood and eliminate borders between media.

The exhibition is divided in two parts. The first part shows a series of illustrations of the sites. The second, main part, consists of diverse spatial installations, which combine recycled drawings, models, manipulated photographs, construction materials from the site- and other media.

Link to part 2.